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It’s Christmas AGAIN!

Where has the year gone?

I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas this year. I never feel the Christmas spirit so much anymore, it’s so stressful with trying to get everyone’s gifts together etc. I’m just excited to have some time off work and the FOOD!

Anyway whilst shopping in town on Monday I walked past at least three or four homeless people, a couple of them were sleeping and a few of them were begging for change. I almost stopped in my tracks whilst I spared a thought for them having to sleep outside in this cold weather, having to get by on hardly anything.

Isn’t it ridiculous that we worry so much about the gifts we need to buy people and we rush around town in our own little bubbles regardless of what’s going on around us. But we need to infact take a look around us and appreciate what we actually have and what our friends and family have in comparison to these homeless people.

It sounds so cliché but it’s so true that we need to appreciate what we have. And some of us may not have much in the way of family or money but if you have a roof over your head that’s not a cardboard box you are so much better off than some people.

Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about this as I would love to know your feelings.

Merry Christmas 🎄


Update on life

So I’ve been in my new place for over a month now and as nice as it is being free of family etc I still find myself going through major low points. I find myself locked away in my box room most of the time just keeping myself to myself and avoiding the dreaded socialising with housemates.

My relationship is also rocky, because of me. No matter how many cringe worthy quotes I read like ‘live every day like it’s your last’ I just can’t pick myself up. I actually quite enjoy being at work as it keeps my mind occupied and I can have a laugh with my colleagues and forget about my problems so to speak.

I’m sure I’m destined for happiness but how the hell do I get there?