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The Break Up.

So about a month ago me and my boyfriend of 3 years ended our relationship. After having a good old think I couldn’t see it going anywhere and it just seemed to fizzle out. We were both very upset but obviously I knew what was coming so am handling the whole thing alot better.

I’ve now started to notice people dropping off my friends list on Facebook, and gay mutual friends worming there way in to his life. Doing the old ‘like’ on every single photo and status he posts up. This is the thing that annoys me the most. I’ve also noticed my ex is now suddenly friends with alot of other gay guys on Facebook which also annoys me.

Pretty much everything annoys me at the moment, these people are like vultures waiting for the relationship to die so they can swoop in and take their pickings. And of course, I’m the bitch because I ended the relationship. Apart from my best friend I’ve had nobody ask how I am or give me any support.

But I am now focusing on work and moving house so looking forward to a hopefully better future for myself.